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Sri Sitaram Parivaram Laksha Pushpaarchana

Sri Sitaram Parivaram Laksha Pushpaarchana
Saturday , 03/16/2019


SRI RAMACHANDRA SWAMY was born in Hindu Calendra year named VILAMBI NAMA SAMVATSARAM, PUNARVASU Nakshatram day in Treta yuga. Fortunately, we are currently in the same VILAMBI NAMA SAMVATSARAM and it will be completed by April 4, 2019. In this auspicious year, the last punarvasu nakshatra (birth nakshatra of Lord SriRama) during the month of Phalgun (Telugu month "PHALGUNAM") will be on 16 March 2019. On this occasion, We are planning to celebrate with the LAKSHA PUSHPARCHANA to LORD Sri SITARAMA CHANDRA SWAMY PARIVARAM from 10.30 a.m. onwards.
Devotees can register for this auspicious ceremony and is on first come first serve basis. Only devotees who have registered through below link to online form are eligible for attending the ceremony. Laksha Pushpaarchana is free and only your attendance is required with traditional attire and all items will be provided by temple.

The sign-up deadline is March 10th, 2019. Confirmation forms will be required to be completed once the registered devotees are notified.
Thanks for your overwhelming responses, we already reached more than 108 registrations and now registrations are CLOSED.