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Sri Hanuman Mandir

Sri Ganesha


Ganesha represents the energy of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathi (Uma). Because of a mythological incident, the normal head of Ganesha had to be replaced with that of an elephant. The elephant-headed Ganesha looks like OM, the pranava mantra, representing the quintessence of the Vedas (Hindu scriptures), indicating power and wisdom.

Karpaga Vinayaka


  • Ganesh Chaturthi


  • Sankansta hara Chaturdhi


  • Chathurti (4th day of lunar calendar)
  • Wednesdays


  • Mouse


  • Modhaka (kollakatai[in Tamil], Kudumulu[in Telugu])
  • Durva grass


Eka dhantham Maha kayam, Lambo dara Gajananam
Vigna nasa karam devam, Herambam Pranamam yaham

I salute the Lord Heramba (the self-effulgent Ganesha), the one who destroys all obstacles, who has a huge body, a face that of an elephant and only one tusk.

He has four hands. In one hand he holds the noose to capture and retain obstacles or difficulties; in another, he has a goad to guide the worshipper in the right direction, by removing his obstacles; in the third keeps the modaka, a sweet dish, representing the fruit of devotion and with the fourth hand he blesses his devotees. His right tusk is broken and it denotes personal sacrifice to achieve greater things. He is the Lord of the Ganas, the spirits guarding the universe. He rides a mouse. It is the mouse that carries Ganesha's grace to every nook and corner, moving silently, seldom visible in the darkness, which influences our lives.